Communication and conservation


More Than Birds directs, together with local producers, scientific documentaries at the highest level. Our formula for “More than birds” is an innovative, entertaining and scientific way of making nature documentaries.

Highly ethical documentaries, which never use images of captive animals, together with the sociological component gained by the contributions of local people, make our documentaries a very powerful educational tool.

We also produce nature audiovisual works à la carte, as long as the message is about conservation. Reality is always more interesting than any fiction, you just have to know how and where to look, sit, wait and shoot …

Our works

Our works showcase the way we see the nature that surrounds us.

Below you can see our latest productions, while we work on the preparation of the following documentary.



best documentary in ASTORGA FILM FESTIVAL 2018. It addresses the conservation biology of the Cantabrian brown bear (Ursus arctos), using only images of bears in freedom. Scientific communication in MORE THAN BIRDS format. Recommended for all audiences.

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Financed thanks to a crowdfunding campaign, we produced this documentary about the historical and current situation of Capercaillie in the Cantabrian mountain range. It analyzes, from objectivity, the past, present and future of the Cantabrian Capercaillie. It collects images that have never before published or even recorded before of Cantabrian Capercaillie in the wild. Images that despite their low quality, have a great testimonial value of what were better times for the Cantabrian capercaillie. It exposes different human testimonies and points of view often faced, to finally suggest a future scenario for the Cantabrian forests. It is, in summary, a plea in favor of the conservation of the Cantabrian mountain range.

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