Every August we organize a great trek through Picos de Europa. This is designed to provide you with the best experience of nature at its wildest, surrounded by spectacular landscapes.

Day 1: Cordiñanes – Collado Jermoso

Travesía Picos día 1

  • 9:30 Presentation and description of the daily route
  • 11:30 Interpretive visit to  Hayedo de Asotín (a hanging beech forest)
  • 14:00 Picnic in route
  • 17:00 Arrival at Collado Jermoso and accommodation at  Diego Mella Mountain Refuge
  • 18:30 Introductory talk about  Picos de Europa
  • 19:00 Introductory talk about  alpine birds
  • 19: 30 Sunset at Torres del Llaz
  • 9:30 pm Dinner in the Refuge

*Difficulty: hard 7 km, 1300 m elevation gain

Day 2: Collado Jermoso – Fuente Dé – Áliva

Travesía Picos día 2

  • 9:00 Breakfast and description of the daily route

    10:30 Interpretive visit to Llau Cimeru (alpine lake)

    13:00 Interpretive visit to La Vega de Liordes (alpine meadow)

    14:00 Picnic en route

    15:00 Introductory talk to alpine amphibians

    19:00 Arrive at Fuente Dé and use the Gondole to reach the top of the massif

    19:30 Interpretive visit to Los Lagos de Lloroza (alpine lakes)

    20:00 Arrival and accommodation at Hotel Refugio de Áliva

    9:00 pm Dinner in the Refuge and free time

*Difficulty:medium 10 km – 1200 m of elevation loss

Day 3: Fuente Dé – Sotres

Travesía de Picos día 3

  • 9:00 Breakfast and description of the daily route

    13:00 Interpretive visit to Invernales del Toro (shepherds´ winter cabins)

    14:00 Picnic en route

    15:00 Introductory talk to the landscape of Picos de Europa

    18:00 Arrival at Sotres

    19:00 Visit to a local blue cheese factory

    21:00 Dinner at the hotel and free time

*Difficulty: easy 11 km 400 m of elevation gain, 900 m elevation loss

Day 4: Sotres – Bulnes – Poncebos

Travesía Picos día 4

  • 9:00 Breakfast and description of the daily route

    12:00 Interpretive visit to Tenerosa  (shepherds´ summer cabins)

    14:00 Picnic en route

    14:30 Introductory talk to alpine flora

    16:00 Interpretive visit to the town of Bulnes

    19:30 Arrival at Hotel Garganta del Cares and accommodation

    21:00 Dinner at the Hotel and free time

*Difficulty: medium 12 km 1300 m of elevation loss

Day 5: Bulnes – Caín

Travesía Picos día 5

  • 9:00 Breakfast and description of the daily route

    11:00 Interpretive visit to La Garganta del Cares (limestone gorge)

    14:00 Picnic en route

    15:00 Interpretive visit to the Town of Caín, Corona Church and Chorco de los Lobos (Traditional wolf community trap)

    17:00 Arrival at Cordiñanes and end of trekking

*Difficulty: easy 11 km 300 m of elevation gain

  • Total distance of the trekking  (5 days): 51 km
  • Cumulative total elevation change (5 days): 5200 m
  • The route may vary due to weather or safety reasons

Price per person 390 € (taxes included) It  includes 4 nights of  accommodation (2 in mountain refuges and 2 in hotels) all meals, guides, Carl Zeiss optical equipment, insurance.

Requirements to participate in the activity safely and with the maximum enjoyment:

  • Good physical condition: Although the hikes do not require a great technical difficulty, some days you will have to overcome large elevation gains, (around 1200 m). The pace will be slow with many stops to rest and so that we won’t miss any details of the exuberant nature of Picos de Europa. Ti is still necessary to be in an acceptable physical condition to enjoy the experience. The beauty of the landscape of Picos d Europa is breathtaking, but unfit for those who have vértigo or fear of heights.
  • Live simply: During the trekking we will walk through one of the wildest and most authentic landscapes that have survived in Europe, spending the night in high mountain refuges, where the services in general tend to be very scarce. The last two nights we will sleep in a Hotel, where surely we will appreciate a good hot shower.
  • Material: It is recommended to carry a backpack only with the essentials, not to carry more weight than necessary, but without forgetting anything important. It is necessary to wear sturdy mountain footwear and appropiate mountain clothing. We highly recommended using trekking poles to help navigate the uneven terrain.

In Picos we will enjoy, see, feel, and live in the awe-inspiring nature of the high mountains. Its fascinating fauna and flora, as well as its exciting landscapes, will affect us and help us to disconnect and forget about the outside world.

Information and registration

If you want more information about this activity, give us a call at +34606135922 (Whatsapp available) or send us an email: