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We are specialists in wildlife observation. All our guides are biologists and environmentalists that have extensive training in this area. In addition, we comply with the ethical code that we consider essential when dealing with this type of activity. There is a great wildlife viewing experience waiting for you any time of the year: brown bear, wildcat, partridge, alpine birds … 

Our proposals

wild cat more than birds
Wildlife watching


This activity is carried out all year round under previous reservation in Valdelugueros Valley. Please consult our observation and/or photography

grey partridge
Wildlife watching

Grey Partridge

This activity is carried out from December to February. We will spend a full day trying to observe one of the

alpine birds
Wildlife watching

Alpine birds

The alpine bird watching activity season lasts from June to September. It consists of a full day enjoying the landscape

Deer fight
Wildlife watching

Rut season

In the months of September and October an impressive event takes place, the rut, the season of the courtship of


PhotoGRAPHY Hides
(work in progress)

A different way to enjoy wildlife in its own habitat is through the use of ‘hides’ or shelters designed to see without being seen. These hides are integrated into the environment to comfortably wait to see some of our wild neighbors.

This style of observation requires stealthiness and a lot of patience, since the presence of these species is not forced in any way. We strategically locate these blinds based on the terrain, our knowledge of the species and the time of day, in order to give the best possible chance of a sighting.

The presence of the “target” species is not guaranteed, but should it appear, the opportunity not only to see but to photograph it from a privileged spot will be worth the time spent.

This service is in the process of being implemented, if you want more information do not hesitate to contact us.

Information and registration

If you want more information about this activity, give us a call at +34606135922 (Whatsapp available) or send us an email:

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