This activity is carried out all year round under previous reservation in Valdelugueros Valley. Please consult our observation and/or photography itineraries.

The elusive wildcat is the only feline present in the Cantabrian Mountains. This animal can be difficult to find, but its behaviour is predictable enough that we can often observe it inthe wild. The activity consists of visiting and waiting in several meadows in which we have located the wildcat in the previous days.

To photograph them, we will use a hidden spot at a distance that will avoid disturbing or alerting the wildcats, so we can observer their hunting behaviour.

Price per person:

1 person120 €
2 – 4 people maximum80 €

The price includes specialized guide, Carl Zeiss optical material, mid-morning snack and insurance.

Information and registration

If you want more information about this activity, give us a call at +34606135922 (Whatsapp available) or send us an email:

and photography

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