Wild brown bear watching

brown bear

Wild brown bear observation takes place twice daily from April to June and from August to September. We have sessions both in the morning and in the afternoon, to take advantage of the best observation hours. We will spend a full day following the life of the brown bear, discovering its habitat, understanding its threats and …

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wild cat more than birds

This activity is carried out all year round under previous reservation in Valdelugueros Valley. Please consult our observation and/or photography itineraries. The elusive wildcat is the only feline present in the Cantabrian Mountains. This animal can be difficult to find, but its behaviour is predictable enough that we can often observe it inthe wild. The activity …

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Alpine birds

alpine birds

The alpine bird watching activity season lasts from June to September. It consists of a full day enjoying the landscape and wildlife of the alpine grasslands in Picos de Europa. In this activity you will be able to observe the great jewels of the alpine birds, alpine sparrow, wallcreeper, alpine accentor, and alpine chough. Price …

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