Observation and photography

Wild brown bear watching

Wild brown bear observation takes place twice daily from April to June and from August to September. We have sessions both in the morning and in the afternoon, to take advantage of the best observation hours.

We will spend a full day following the life of the brown bear, discovering its habitat, understanding its threats and conservation problems. In short, we will get to know the Brown bear’s world and the relationship of this great carnivore with the humans that inhabit the same muntains.  We will visit a cortín (stone traditional constructions built to protect the beehives from the bears) and “dream forests”. With a little luck, we will see this magnificent wild animal in its natural environment, which we will approach with maximum respect and without interfering the behavior of the animals.

We use optical material to observe from hillside to hillside, at distances between 600 and 1500 meters with the objective that the animals do not detect our presence. Our observation points will be roads, viewpoints and / or authorized dirt roads, a comfortable activity in which we will hardly walk.

Price per person:

1 – 2 people120 €
3 – 4 people90 €
5 or more people70 €

It will be a full day activity (between 8 and 10 hours long).

The price includes specialized guide, Carl Zeiss optical material, mid-morning snack and insurance.

Information and registration

If you want more information about this activity, give us a call at +34606135922 (Whatsapp available) or send us an email:


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